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Are you ready to invest in solar energy?

Green and renewable energy is perhaps the most important industry of our time. Your investment should ideally shift to reflect it in other word now is the perfect time to think about solar and wind energy investments. Of course if you are looking for a direct way to invest you can buy solar panels for your home or facility that...

Advantages of solar power system

  • Solar energy is an environmentally safe source and is environmentally friendly and does not create any form of air pollution.
  • The PV panels have a lifespan of up to 25 years .
  • Energy production does not require fuel that making it a low cost source.
  • Easy maintenance of the system.

How to start investing!

We prepare a technical and financial study for the customer free of charge once he sends us the available space information to install the system, whether on the roof of the building or parking. Through the study you will be able to know the time required to recover the cost of the system and get profits by saving the electricity bill on the one hand and also export the excess electricity to the public network.

Why invest with us?

ProTech is one of the first companies apply for accreditation from Saudi Electricity Company to work in Saudi Arabia as Solar energy contractor in the field of design and installation of solar PV system.

The company has taken the lead in registering and licensing its solar energy services at the Saudi Electricity Company.

We have qualifications, equipment and expertise required for such projects in a safe, sound and competitive manner.

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